Porsha Williams Is Obsessed With This "Slutty" Vegan Food

The Real Housewives of Atlanta mom-to-be is still living as a "baby vegan."

Porsha Williams, who's pregnant with her first child, has been trying to eat healthier for a long time. Her goal is to stick to a whole food, plant-based diet that she calls "baby vegan."

"For me it's a lot to learn, so I just call it 'baby vegan' because you never know — I could be somewhere and make a mistake," The Real Housewives of Atlanta mom-to-be explained to The Feast (clip above).

Porsha shared a photo of what looks like a new favorite vegan indulgence, a meatless burger from Atlanta's The Slutty Vegan, on her Instagram Stories, writing, "Just had my first @sluttyveganatl it was sooo good... I still can't believe it was all plant-based."

The menu at The Slutty Vegan is comprised of sandwiches with cheeky names like Sloppy Toppy (a "cheezeburger" with jalapenos and vegan mayo), One Night Stand (a patty with vegan bacon and American "cheeze"), and Sweet and Creamy (a "cheezeburger" with peanut butter and pepper jelly). Porsha shared an image she found on Instagram, so we don't know which is her pick, or if she'll try them all.

The Slutty Vegan took a screenshot of Porsha's Instagram Stories and posted it on Instagram with a friendly note to her: "@porsha4real it’s safe to say you’ve been #SLUTTIFIED!!"

Hmmm — perhaps this is a burger that would pair well with a side of Meghan Markle's "filthy, sexy" pasta.

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