Shep Rose Just Revealed the Truth About Cameran Eubanks' Eating Habits

The Southern Charm pal knows his friend well. 

You know when a supermodel or actress "confesses" having eaten a burger or noshed two slices of pizza before hitting the red carpet, and you just don't buy it? Well, rest assured that Cameran Eubanks is just as fast food-obsessed as she lets on in her Instagram posts. Because, as Shep Rose  is here to tell us all, Cameran's Chick-fil-A obsession is not an act, people! 

Remember how Cameran once said that "pretty much eats like a truck driver?" (Watch the clip above for a refresher!) Well, Shep compared her diet to that of another type, and it's equally hilarious. 

When the Southern Charm mama opened up about the joy that she gets from finding a few extra chicken nuggets in her order, Shep was quick to comment on the post: "Unlike other people who tout their 'unhealthy' dietary habits on social media, I'm here to attest that Cameran really eats like a 13 year old kid who just finished soccer," he wrote. 

                             Photo: @camwimberly1/ Instagram 

Well, Cameran's not alone in her love for fast food. Jax Taylor is a loud and proud Taco Bell aficionado, while Cameran's fellow Charmer Naomie Olindo has been known to roll up at the fast food Mexican spot as well. And, let's not forget that Khloe Kardashian will spring for a special Popeye's delivery every now and again — and roll up to McDonald's in a Rolls-Royce. 

A little fried food never hurt anybody, right? We said a little

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