Anna Faris Just Admitted She Likes to Play a Stripper Named Tragedy and Other "Different Characters" During Sex

The actress unleashed a freaky side on her Unqualified podcast.

The ink on Anna Faris and Chris Pratt's divorce is dry, and each has moved on to a new relationship while striving for a healthy co-parenting situation for their son Jack. And now Anna has let loose on the latest episode of her podcast, which is called Unqualified, and admitted that she likes to "play different characters" in her current love life.

"Sometimes I'll put on like a short black bob wig that I have and I play a different character, because I am an actress," she said on the podcast. "I like to play different characters sometimes in a romantic situation. I like that it sort of satisfies my sensibilities of getting to be someone else and it is also like a turn on for a partner." 

And that someone else, she added, doesn't need to be classy. At all.

"I also like to play really trashy girls because I am not a great lover. I'm very lazy. Usually, I like to call myself a stripper named Tragedy. It turns me on."

Is she serious or just poking fun? Either way, it sounds like she's having a good time.

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