10 Rugs That'll Brighten Your Mood as Much as Your Room

And their totally affordable price points will too!

Don’t get me wrong, beige is a totally fine color. It’s quiet. It doesn’t offend anyone. And it definitely plays well with others — there’s no way you’d ever catch it vying with a bolder hue for attention. The thing is, though, it’s a little dull.

It’s not the kind of color you’d want to invite to a cocktail party. It’d just sit there and blather on about the weather and how excited it is for the new iPhone to come out. And when I’m surrounded by it (or gray, or brown, for that matter) its neutral vibe makes me feel just as low-energy.

The antidote: Adding a pop of brightness wherever I can — and (a little design secret, here) there’s no single item that can wake up a snoozy room faster than a bright, bold, color-blasted rug. After all, carpets literally lay the foundation for a space, which is why choosing one in, say, a mossy malachite print or a kaleidoscopic floral is guaranteed to brighten my outlook as much as it does my living room.

And it looks like I'm not the only one who's obsessed with the trend, as the 10 rugs ahead prove with their bold patterns and even bolder hues.

Anthropologie ‘Malachite’ Rug


Anthropologie ‘Brilliant Poppies’ Rug

Jaipur ‘Britney’ Rug

Lula and Georgia ‘Kamille’ Rug

Anthropologie ‘Jardin’ Rug

Opalhouse Rug

Lula and Georgia Aelfie Lounah Rug

NuLoom ‘Janella’ Rug

Anthropologie ‘Conure’ Rug

Lorena Canals ‘Kaarol’ Rug

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