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Season 5 | Ep 4: Home on the Range Part 1
FIRST AIRED: Oct 5 10/9c

Kim and Kroy pack up all six kids and head to Kroy's hometown of Hardin, Montana. The younger kids are in heaven, while Ariana and Brielle are just happy to get cell service. As wonderful as it is for everyone to see where dad grew up, Kim longs for the comforts of her own home.

Season 5 | Ep 5: Home on the Range Part 2
FIRST AIRED: Oct 12 10/9c

The Biermann kids haven't stopped running around since the plane landed in Montana. Kim loves seeing Kroy in his element, but knows her element is back in Atlanta, with her Starbucks and walk-in closet. As the family vacation comes to an end, Kroy gets a call from his agent and everyone wonders if this is the call that will determine their fate.

Season 5 | Ep 6: Ask, Believe, Receive, Gamble
FIRST AIRED: Oct 26 10/9c

After Montana, Kim needs an adult-only break to find her inner peace and Zen. So of course she, Kroy, and Tracey head to the casino – the one place where Kim can fully shut off the rest of the world and focus on her favorite thing: Money. Kim’s strategy is to take out $25k so she can bet big and hopefully win big. Meanwhile, Brielle is upping the ante on her love life and going out on her first date since breaking up with Slade. Will her date be an ace in the hole, or no dice?

Season 5 | Ep 7: Hollywood or Bust
FIRST AIRED: Nov 2 10/9c

Even though Brielle is working as Kim's assistant, she still dreams of becoming a celebrity news reporter. So the family's publicist, has set up a meeting with Access Hollywood in hopes they would offer her a position. Kim and Kroy will be joining her along with KJ, for his first audition. Kim also has a meeting with her skincare company, so when Kroy gets a call from the Buffalo Bills, her anxiety rises as she finds herself traveling alone with a useless Brielle and a hyper KJ.

Season 5 | Ep 8: Lights, Camera, Action
FIRST AIRED: Nov 9 10/9c

Dreams are within reach for both Brielle and KJ in Tinseltown. Access Hollywood puts Brielle's improv and kitchen cleaning skills to the test, while KJ's acting audition gets him one step closer to being crowned the next Tom Cruise. Back home in Atlanta, Chef Tracey's new "fancy" menu is ready to be served, but she has a trick up her sleeve that could send the Biermann's back to basics.

Season 5 | Ep 9: Middle Child Syndrome
FIRST AIRED: Nov 16 10/9c

With all the uncertainty surrounding her family's future, Kim recognizes that Ariana is in the toughest spot. Being 14 and starting high school is never easy, but in a brand new city it can seem like the end of the world. That's why Kim comes to the rescue with a mother/daughter bonding day. Meanwhile, Brielle is planning her escape to LA, leading Kroy to believe she may not be ready.

Season 5 | Ep 10: The Biermann Olympics
FIRST AIRED: Nov 30 10/9c

Kroy calls for a Biermann family fun day to distract from life's unanswered questions. Things quickly turn from fun and games to sibling rivalry once Kroy offers the winner a prize. Meanwhile, Tracey's latest Internet girlfriend is headed to Atlanta to meet her in person.

Season 5 | Ep 11: Launch Party
FIRST AIRED: Dec 7 10/9c

Kim is turning 38 and what better way to celebrate than with a blowout party which will also serve as a launch for her skincare line, Kashmere. Meanwhile, Brielle's plans to move to LA solidify when she gets an encouraging phone call from her publicist.

Season 5 | Ep 12: Life Goes on
FIRST AIRED: Dec 14 10/9c

Kim gets a not so positive diagnosis on what's been going on with her heart. And if that wasn't enough to put a damper on things, Kroy could get the call at any moment to sign with a new team away from home. With 6 kids, will Kim ever be as stress-free as the doctor has ordered?

Season 16 | Ep 2: Bourbon, Barrels and Burgoo
FIRST AIRED: Dec 13 9/8c | TV-14

A very pregnant Gail Simmons asks the chefs to feed her cravings in a special Quickfire delivery. Then it’s time to celebrate two iconic Kentucky mainstays: local cuisine and bourbon. The Chefs head to Makers Mark, the oldest distillery in America to put their spins on a meal full of Kentucky classics including burgoo, Benedictine, mutton, hoe cakes and dumplings. This is a true battle for Kentucky as the chefs navigate their first team challenge – and one chef makes a potentially fatal shopping error. Can they recover or will they be scraping the bottom of the barrel to make it through?  Food and travel editor, Nilou Motamed joins the judges this season, and Maker’s Mark’s in-house Chef, Newman Miller, sits on the panel as a guest judge.

Season 1 | Ep 2: Lighthouse — PEI
| TV-14

Ever since she was a little girl, Melva’s dreamt of a house with majestic and mysterious views of a lighthouse. Will she find those iconic views on Prince Edward Island?

Season 1 | What's For Sale? With A View
FIRST AIRED: Dec 15 12/11c
Katherine and Aaron dream of an oasis with incredible views of dotted islands and serene waters. A warm and welcoming place for their family and friends on the Pacific shores of Canada.
Season 1 | Ep 2: Terri and Richard's Sunset Search
| TV-14

Terri and Richard want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city with their large family. By day, they want a place that will allow them to enjoy their love of watersports; by night, a place to sit and relax and soak in the gorgeous sunset views.

Season 1 | Lakefront Luxury
FIRST AIRED: Dec 15 12/11c
Mother-daughter duo Sharon and Tali are on the hunt for the perfect waterfront property to entertain their huge group of family and friends. With a big kitchen at the top of Sharon's wish-list, and a boathouse and separate party space for Tali to hang out with her friends, realtor Shawn Woof must find the ideal space that will make them both happy.
Season 1 | Tiny House Nation
FIRST AIRED: Dec 15 12/11c
Season 1 | Tiny House Nation
FIRST AIRED: Dec 15 12/11c
This close-knit family is looking for a tiny home to do some extended stay vacationing in. They've asked John and Zack to build them a high-tech tiny home that they can monitor from afar to check weather conditions in the long winter months. Zack's challenge will be building a tiny space that meets all their high tech needs, stores some of their winter gear, and brings the family closer together.
Season 1 | Tiny House Nation
FIRST AIRED: Dec 15 12/11c
The musical Rempis family wants a gothic tiny house but while Cally and Steve love horror films and gothic style, daughter Miura loves pastels and pearls. John and Zack must build a tiny house that fits their differing tastes.
Season 6 | Ep 9: Insult to Injury
FIRST AIRED: Nov 27 9/8c | TV-14

Captain Lee comes to a decision about restructuring the deck team. Meanwhile, Caroline is pushed to make her own decision regarding her place on My Seanna. During a fun crew night out, Ashton proves to be a ladies’ man with the locals, while Rhylee ruffles some feathers with Adrian. Captain Lee confronts Kate about a sensitive situation and a reconfigured crew welcomes their highest profile charter guests yet.  

Season 6 | Ep 10: Man Overboard
FIRST AIRED: Dec 4 9/8c | TV-14

My Seanna struggles to pull off a successful charter on the heels of two dramatic exits from crew members, Chandler and Caroline. Tensions rise as newly-appointed bosun, Ross, finds himself at odds with an easily-riled Rhylee. When replacements Tyler and Laura join the crew, the ship is turned upside down. While Kate and Josiah adjust to their new stew’s critical disposition, Adrian and Ashton both compete for her undivided attention. As their sixth charter begins, a shocking accident threatens the life of one of the deckhands.  

Season 6 | Ep 11: Let Them Eat Chicken
FIRST AIRED: Dec 11 9/8c | TV-14

The aftermath of Ashton's accident has the entire crew shaken up, especially Captain Lee. While the deck crew is on edge with a man down, Laura struggles to fall in line with her third stew role and her boss Kate. Later, Adrian's decision to make comforting food for the guests suddenly backfires.

Season 1 | Buying It Blind
FIRST AIRED: Dec 15 12/11c
After a long distance love affair, Eric and Leslie have finally landed in the same city. But until they find a home, Eric is living and working out of his parent's basement and Leslie is cramped in temporary housing. Anna, Jen and Michel comb through the Atlanta area for a property with great renovation and investment potential for the couple's first home together.
Season 2 | Ep 7: Drag Queen Demo
FIRST AIRED: Dec 15 9/8c

It’s a family affair as Jennifer transforms the former home of a famous drag queen into a place for her parents – with a little help from some new friends. Meanwhile, Josh makes a big decision to shrink his breasts.


Season 1 | Ep 9: A Hallway Eyesore and Boxes Galore
FIRST AIRED: Dec 15 10/9c

Thom and Carson are tasked with designing for a Brooklyn family, Attika, Migdalia and their piano prodigy daughter, Anaya. While the girls are excited for change, dad is stuck in the past and reluctant to separate from his old, but functional furniture. Meanwhile, the duo takes on a project with Gillian, an oceanographer and recent divorcee, who has downsized her life, but is having a hard time editing her old belongings as well.

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FIRST AIRED: Jun 23 12/11c