6 Things You Didn't See on the 'Girls' Inside the Actors Studio

James Lipton asks much more than you see in that hour - find out what you didn't see with exclusive clips.   



In his message featured on the Girls episode of Inside the Actors Studio, Judd Apatow explained he was sitting out because the last time he was on James Lipton's stage, it took 11 hours.  While 11 hours is a bit of an exaggeration, James has quite a few blue cards to get through. Naturally, for a one hour special, not every interesting morsel can be featured. But lucky for you, we've got exclusive unseen moments from the taping so you can enjoy every last ounce of Girls available. 

1.  Lena and Jemima were in 'Vogue' at 11 years old.

Inside the Actors Studio
Lena Dunham Was in Vogue When She Was 11?
Apparently her and Jemima Kirke were high fashion children together and featured in Vogue articles.

First of all, we found out that Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke have been friends since high school on the episode. But that's not how they met. They were both featured in a Vogue article on "high fashioned children" before they even knew each other! Lena explains seeing Jemima in the magazine and decided they had to meet. Lena approached Jemima in a bathroom at a school dance and the rest is herstory. 

2.  Jemima has tattooed Lena twice.

Inside the Actors Studio
Lena Dunham Lists All her Tattoos
Surprise: Jemima Kirke did two of them!

As Lena listed her many tattoos we found out that not only was she really getting tattooed in that scene in Tiny Furniture but that Jemima tattooed her a second time! We also learned that Lena now has an open sign inked on her behind, and is planning a cover up on her side. Plus - now you know next time you need at tattoo go to Jemima Kirke, she's apparently very good. 

3.  Lena might be done with acting.

Inside the Actors Studio
Lena Dunham Opens Up About Her Sexual Assault
Lena discusses her attack but also her important work to remove the stigma from rape around the world.

Turns out Lena never meant to be an actor, but with low budgets and writing characters based on her own life, she often found herself stepping in front of and behind the camera at the same time. However, she admits it was "never my first instinct." Moving forward with her career, she says sees the limitation to doing both at once - and definitely perfers direction. She said, "The moments when im directing these girls and I'm not in front of the camera are some of the greatest moments of my life. I get to experience the pure joy of making cinema." We may be seeing much more "directed by" rather than "starring in" for her future endeavors. 

4.  Jemima Kirke made an excellent point about female nudity.

Inside the Actors Studio
Jemima Kirke on The Power of Non-Sexual Nudity
"We need to see more girls standing there naked on the phone because they're naked on the f—-ing phone."

Jemima used being asked about being naked on the show as an opprotunity to point out the powerful use of nudity on Girls. She praises Lena for writing nudity for women in a non-sexual way, not often seen in film or TV. She proclaimed, "We need to see more girls standing there naked on the phone because they're naked on the f—-ing phone." 

5.  Zosia Mamet was in a movie with Ed O'Neil as a child.

Inside the Actors Studio
Zosia Mament on Being an Accidental Child Actor
Zosia tells the story of how she wound up on the set as a child with Ed O'Neil.

Apparently, she wasn't very good...but we love the idea of watching Ed try to help a tiny Zosia who looks perfectly well and able when she's supposed to look helpless. We'll let you tell the hilarious story herself above. 

6.  Lena Dunham opened up about her sexual assualt.

Inside the Actors Studio
Is Lena Dunham Quitting Acting?
Lena Dunham discusses the pros and cons of being in front of and behind the camera.

In opening up on James' stage, she described her assault as "a nonconsenual, phsyically violating and violent experience that shifted my relatioship with sex and sexuality for the rest of her life." The star also spoke of her dedication to remove the stigma and shame around rape and its victims. "I think it will be a big part of my job for the rest of my life to fight that stigma and change the way we talk about those stories," Lena said. In the words of James Lipton, bravo. 

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